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Yesterday I attended a Woman’s Equality Luncheon (Equal Opportunity Program for the Army). The guest speaker spoke eloquently about women rights and how long it took to get where it is today.

There were lots of failures and sacrifices but if there was one thing they all had, was the courage to fight for what they wanted.

I ask you today, what is it that you want?

If it is financial freedom, I encourage you to find within yourself the courage to make the necessary changes in your life, as all these courageous women did for years.

It won’t be easy, and it will take time, but in the end, you will look back and see how far have you gone and how much have grown since you made your choice.

Let’s start by making this point very clear: If you are going to get out of the rat race (a term used from Rich Dad Poor Dad), your cash flow has to exceed your expenses. But…

Do you know what your monthly cash flow is today?

What is your monthly cash flow goal to get out of the rat race?

The answers to the previous questions are important.

But first, you need to build a solid foundation for success; pillars. Twelve pillars to be exact.

The book “Twelve Pillars” by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener explains it in detail.

The pillars are based on the following:

#1 – Work harder on yourself than you do on your job

#2 – Total Well-being

#3 – The gift of relationships

#4 – Achieve your goals

#5 – Proper use of time

#6 – Surround yourself with the best people

#7 – Be a lifelong learner

#8 – Life = sales

#9 – Income seldom exceeds personal development

#10 – Communication is key

#11 – Be a leader

#12 – Leave a legacy


You got a head start, but you need to dig in and get the details of this great book. You have to show how bad you really want it. Success is not easy, and there are no short cuts.

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