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How do you plan on becoming wealthy, when you spend too much when buying from retail stores at whatever price? If you come to think about it, what percentage of items are made in China? Did you know that you can take the middle guy out of the equation and get items delivered to your house at a much cheaper price? Of course you did, but maybe it is not the one you are thinking.

I will tell you what I do when I see an item I like. Go to my favorite site and look it up. No, it’s not Ebay or Amazon. Much less waste my gas going to the stores. I know you can find great deals at Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Walgreens, GameStop, etc. It’s actually much cheaper than those. is my site of choice. My family has saved thousands of dollars each year buying straight from Wish.

The site is simple to use, it gives you daily stamps and when you reach 7 days going into the app, it gives you a 5% to 15% discount to use on your next purchase.

It is almost limitless what you can find here. At much better prices. You can browse by popular, pickup, fashion, accessories, hobbies, tops, sports & outdoors, home decor, shoes, personal care, gadgets, automotive, tools and more. Also, use the search bar and type up exactly what you are looking for. And if you join right now you can get up to 50% discount in your first purchase.

How often do you find a dual USB charging charger station stand for Sony Playstation Free? Just pay shipping. Insane! Or you can go to Amazon and get it for $12.09 plus shipping. You get a little bit luckier at Ebay, but still costs $6.59 as the best offer.

Or tell me you can find an universal neoprene concealed carry IWB holster with a mag holster for $8. The cheapest you can find it at Amazon prime is $12 plus shipping. Again, Ebay is a bit cheaper at $10.11.

If you have any issues with the item, all you have to do is take a picture and send it to support. They will refund your whole amount within 24 hours. You can also request a refund when an item is not delivered on time, and if the item arrives after the fact that you got refunded, it’s yours free. That happened to me over Christmas. 😉

One last thing before I go to check out new items, my hands got itchy to buy some things I saved last week; I prefer to use Paypal as my payment system. You don’t have to but I like the security it provides.

There you have it. I saved thousands in 2018, and looking forward to save more going forward. Hope it helps.

Get your account and start saving.

Remember, it’s all about the road to wealth and saving money when buying is one way to go. If you liked it, pay it forward. Share it in social media and help others become successful as well. There is plenty of room for all of us. In the end, your success will only depend on you and not what others do.

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