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For some reason, for many, reading is not interesting. Almost as if it were their kryptonite. However, reading is where knowledge is hidden.

That’s why they force you to read at school. For you to learn.

On second thought, I think that is why many do not like to read. They made them read so many books that were not interesting, that they lost the magic and interest in reading.

If you are like me, you read the same paragraph several times. Again and again, because I get lost, get distracted by flies, or I just don’t understand something.

On average, it takes me a month to read a book of 250-350 pages. Some 10-15 pages per day before bedtime. Nor do I try hard to finish faster or read more pages per day. How great would it be for someone to read me the book?

The solution

Today, you can have your book of interest read to you, whenever you want, wherever you want and for free. That is great! How far society and technology have come! Is incredible.

It sounds even hostile, but it isn’t in the least. David and Zira are willing to read your book whenever and wherever you want. And for free. Because they are robots.

They are a reading system that many people do not know exists in pdf books and documents.

How it works

It does not work with pdf documents created by an image.

It works perfectly with pdf documents created by a text source (Microsoft Word or other word processing programs).

How to customize it

First, you must open the pdf book, and you will program it to your liking.

Click on Edit at the top, in the submenu, scroll down to preference.

In the box that opens (categories), click on reading.

You will see that as in the photo, you have the option to customize your reader.

Reading order: Left to right, top to bottom

Volume: adjust as required

Voice: Your two options are:

          Microsoft David Desktop (Male)

          Microsoft Zira Desktop (Female)

Pitch: adjust as needed between 1-10

Words per minute: this is how fast you want the document read. I am using 175.

Too fast can be difficult to hear and/or understand. Too slow may sound unnatural and saddle you to death. Find that sweet spot where you can have the best of both worlds; you are able to listen/understand and it keeps you awake, attentive and engaged.

Click Ok.

How to activate it

Now we move on to the part everyone wants to learn. For the less tech-savvy, we will do the step by step doing all the clicks. In the next part, I will give you the codes for those who like to use shortcuts.

Find the place where you want the reading to begin.

Click on the first word.

Now, at the top, click on View, then all the way to the bottom of the submenu, hover your mouse over Read Out Loud and click on Activate Read Out Loud.

* This is not going to start the reading, you are just activating the pdf.

Click on View again, hover the mouse over Read Out Loud, and you have two options here: 1. read this page only, 2. read to end of document.

Usually, most will choose to read until the end of the document.

Note that in the same process, View Read Out Loud – you also have the options to pause and/or resume the reading or stop reading completely.







Test drive

Some of my favorite books are:

The Millionaire Next Door (Personal growth / Finance)

The Intelligent Investor (Stocks, money, investing)

Tax-Free Wealth (Tax loopholes)

The ABCs of Real Estate Investing (Real Estate)

Before You Quit Your Job (Entrepreneurship, Financial IQ)

Retire Young Retire Rich (Money, Finances, Investing)


For many, this information will be of great help. Unfortunately, too many people today have no knowledge about this breakthrough, which can be exploited in our favor. I started a book 3 days ago using this method and I’m already on page 148. Pausing to summarize and everything. I will finish it in 6 days. Now, that is a breakthrough for me.

I hope it helps. Enjoy!

Begin your Road to Wealth! By reading more books in half the time.

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DISCLAIMER: Links in this post may contain affiliate links. Honesty above all. Please read our disclosure policy here.
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