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The article was divided into two parts for several reasons.

* Keep it short and digestible

* Give you time to self-analyze

* Give you time to think about what you want from this life and plan the beginning of your new self

* Give you time to start putting these secrets into practice

We stopped just before the sixth secret. Without further ado, let’s continue…

The Sixth Secret – The Power of Perseverance

Calvin Coolidge, the thirty-fourth president of the United States, wrote: “Nothing in the world can replace perseverance. Talent will not; nothing is more common than a man of talent without success. Neither does genius; the uncoached genius is almost an axiom. Education alone also does not; the world is full of glory-less cults. Only perseverance and firmness are omnipotent.”

One of the best examples of perseverance in history is Tomas Edison, who tried ten thousand times before inventing the first electric light bulb. How many times would you have tried before you gave up?

“Success is not usually the result of a single effort, but the accumulation of many efforts.”

“The difference between people who succeed and those who don’t is not necessarily in their talent, but in their perseverance!”

“After an action that did not produce the desired results, always ask yourself: What did I do well to last that time? This way you’ll always feel encouraged to try again.”

“If you adopt the goalkeeper’s tactic, persevere, never stop insisting and learn from each experience, you will always achieve the company you set your mind to.”

The Seventh Secret – The Power of Spending Regulation

Ok. This topic has been complicated by the financial industry, making it look like something difficult and complicated, requiring “academic studies” to get it right. The financial industry makes it look like this so that they can make a monetary profit from the circumstances.

The reality is that each of you can do this at home. You don’t have to do it in one sitting, but you do have to take time apart to devote to your finances. In simple terms, you should make two columns, one where you write down all your mandatory survival expenses (electricity, water, family food, car insurance, etc.); in the other, you can write down all your non-mandatory expenses (these are more towards fun like credit cards, movies, concerts, restaurants, Netflix, HBO, etc.) Anyway, everything that makes you spend money but it’s not necessary to survive. Highly recommended to use your bank statements so you don’t forget anything.

Subtract all your expenses from your monthly income. Just analyzing two to four months, it’s enough to see patterns in your behavior. If at the end of each month, you have a positive income, you are not bad, although adjustments can always be made if necessary. The problem is if, at the end of each month, your account proves you’ve spent more than you earned a month. You have work to do.

You need to know where every penny you get goes. Every penny must have a job, and if that job is to acquire and accumulate assets through stocks, businesses, or real estate, it’s only a matter of time before you accumulate enough wealth and be able to live a life free of financial stress. Gradually, the pot fills up. You must take action and have the perseverance to do so. Whether weekly, monthly, quarterly. You choose!

“Wealth is not determined by the money you make, but by the resulting quality of life.”

“Expense regulation helps you live at ease within your means and create more income.”

“Anyone with limited income needs to manage what they spend to ensure a continuous source of income.”

“Part of your income belongs to you. You should allocate ten percent of what you earn to investments. This way you will be creating wealth for the future.”

“Make your money work for you instead of always working for money.”

The Eighth Secret – The Power of Integrity

“What benefits does a man who wins the world but loses his soul?”

“Our actions, words, and even thoughts are like boomers: they always come back to us.”

“Trying to create wealth through deception and fraud is like trying to build a house on the sand: it will soon collapse.”

“When considering a course of action in your personal life or a company, ask the following questions:

Is it legal?

Is it morally correct?

Will it make me proud of myself?

Would I like my family to find out?

Will I continue to respect myself after I’m done?”

The Ninth Secret – The Power of Faith

“What does faith have to do with wealth? Everything! Everything in life begins with faith. We would not pursue a dream, we would not open companies, we would not invest or save for the future if it were not because we have faith in what we are going to undertake.”

“What would you do if you knew it couldn’t fail? Do what you would if you knew it couldn’t fail.”

“When you reflect on a project you believe in, after developing an organized action plan to ensure its feasibility, ask yourself: Would you do it if you knew it couldn’t fail?”

“Be determined and powerful forces will come to your aid!”

“You will << always act like >> you are going to make it. Trust your instincts, follow your intuition.”

“Repeat self-suggestions to create faith in yourself.”

“Anything that repeats itself enough will become part of your subconscious.”

Anyway, be determined and have faith!

The Tenth Secret – The Power of Charity

“Very rarely do you achieve an abundance of something without the help of others or without helping others.”

“By helping others, we help ourselves.”

“Try to allocate ten percent (or whatever you can) of your income to help those most in need. Whenever you give something you are returned with interest.”

“Helping others, record in your subconscious a sense of abundance.”

The important thing is that the amount you take, you take it wholeheartedly. It’s not like going to church and giving tithing because you’re forced to give it so you don’t get kicked out of the church. You must be genuine. Doing good for others fills your heart with gratitude.

That’s how I feel today, knowing that I was able to help you read a book that has many “secrets” so you can have a happy and abundant life.

Glad to help!

Begin your Road to Wealth!

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