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You already know what our goal is… the goal is to be rich, not just look rich. We find ways to make money in this page, but there is other ways too; like finding discounts or earning cash back.

For example, you can get real cash back for your trip to the grocery store. So, make sure you are not missing out on free easy money. And it’s actually very simple.

Before you go to the store, search the items on your buy list in the IBOTTA app. Then, all you have to do is take a picture of your receipt with the app and Ibotta will pay you cash.

You can save on average $10 – $50 dollars a month. That could add up to $200+ a year. That means $200 extra in your pocket. Also, get a welcome bonus up to $20 and it’s free to download.

Ibotta works in over 300 retail chains, restaurants, movie theaters, convenience stores, home improvement centers, pet stores, and pharmacies nationwide. You can cash back at over 500,000 locations. Here’s a small list of some places where Ibotta app is currently enabled (download the app to see all available).

You can earn even more if you do:

Teamwork – the bigger your team, the faster you earn.

Bonuses – Get extra cash back with bonuses, a fun and easy way to pile your earnings.

Invite friends – refer friends to use Ibotta and you can earn up to $50.

Some cash-back opportunities we’ve seen include:

  • 25 cents back for any item.
  • 3% cash back on JCPenney
  • 8% cash back on Backcountry
  • $1 back on a box of tea.

Download the app, and start saving and earning.

Remember, it’s all about the road to wealth. If you liked it, pay it forward. Share it in social media and help others become successful as well. There is plenty of room for all of us. In the end, your success will only depend on you and not what others do.

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